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I found a increible tool for a quick and deep audit for my AD. This tool not need install, you can execute with a user without admin privileges and is FREE. This tools is PingCastle https://www.pingcastle.com/


Press Enter!

Ping audit found your domain

Press Enter!

In a few minutes, 1 minute in my case

Press Enter!

And finished.

Now you can to visit the folder where is the PingCastle. This folder have reports with the audit result.

In my AD Test you can view this results

REPORT: ad_hc_domainXX.local.html

There are a lot of work to better the security!! Thank you pingCastle :-)

The report inform you how to check the point and how to solve.

REPORT: ad_gc_summary_bu_analysis.html

REPORT: ad_gc_summary_full_node_map.html

Etc ...

With the commad: PingCastle --hc-conso T you will have a consolidatin report 

There are 2 manual with extended explanations

The official Web have very good explanatios and cases.

This tools have a security and audit report very util and very professional.

Check at Windows 2012R2 and W10
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martes, 27 de febrero de 2018

WINDOWS. PS. NAGIOS. Check my remote Nagios server

To verify my Nagios Sever I need monitoring it from other server. With this script you can monitoring any server (external or internal)

The result will be send one email and write one event.

For this task I have created this script:


$pingCount = 3
#Server Nagios
$server = ''
# La siguiente linea solo hay que ejecutarla la primera vez
# New-EventLog –LogName Application –Source “MyMonitoringSystem”

$pingStatus = Test-Connection $server -Count $pingCount -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

$pingsLost = $pingCount - ($pingStatus).Count

if ($pingsLost -eq $pingCount) 
  #Write one event to eventviwer
  Write-EventLog -LogName Application -Source "MyMonitoringSystem" -EntryType Error -EventId 001 -Message "El servidor Nagios no responde"

 #Send one email to inform
 $PSEmailServer = ""
 Send-MailMessage -From "MyServer@MyDom.com" -To "infrastructure@mycompany.es" -Subject " !!NAGIOS DOWN!!! ** Moritorizacion parada **   --ALERTA--" -Body "Se ha perdido el ping contra el servidor XXXXXXXX"



I have been scheduler this task to execute each minute

To check the event: 

Check at Windows 2012
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viernes, 23 de febrero de 2018

LINUX. HowTo attribute execute file

To assign the execution attribute to a file:

Command: chmod +x

Sometimes is necessary change the owner of the file to can execute it, for this task:

Command: chown user:group

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